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Paint-Your-Own Christmas Tree Cookies (1 Dozen)

Paint-Your-Own Christmas Tree Cookies (1 Dozen)

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***NOTE: We require orders be placed at least 2 weeks prior to event or desired delivery date.***

Looking for a fun craft that doubles as a delicious treat? Our paint-your-own (PYO) cookies are perfect for a family or troop activity. Just add water and paint palette becomes edible watercolors! Available in either a family pack or party/individual packs. See below for details of each before ordering.

FAMILY PACK: Includes 12 cookies, 3 paint palettes, & 3 brushes. Paint palettes and brushes will be packaged together. Ideal for 1-3 decorators.
PARTY PACK: Includes 12 individual packs, each with 1 cookie, 1 paint palette, & 1 brush. Ideal for party favors or activities where each person requires their own paint and brush and do not share. See last photos for example of bags.

Cookies are vanilla with our fan-favorite citrus royal icing! They are standard-size 3-4 inches wide/long. There is one design and all cookies will be the same.

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